Ringbrothers’ ‘Paramount’ 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II wafts into SEMA

Perennial SEMA show stars Mike and Jim Ring, known as Ringbrothers, brought three builds to Las Vegas this year. There’s “Tusk,” the Hellephant-powered 1969 Dodge Charger, and there’s “Uncaged,” a 1965 Ford Mustang that calls back to one of their builds from last year, a 1964.5 Mustang christened “Caged.” These two represent the kind of confections we’re familiar with from the Wisconsin-based brothers, American metal done up with marvelous lines and monstrous engines. The third build comes out of left field — or perhaps that’s right field, depending on your perspective of the map. Known as “Paramount,” it is a 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II embodying the ideal balance of restraint and intervention. As we said of the Eneos 1969 Jaguar E-Type XKE 2+2 with the Toyota 2JZ engine, it’s the kind of Frankenstein build we love to see at SEMA.

The two Rings held themselves back from changing the sedan’s lines, a rare and, in this case, excellent show of standoffishness. There’s almost nothing to give the game away outside except the Ringbrothers badge on the trunk. An enthusiast would eventually notice the rolling stock, yet even the 18-inch EVOD Industries wheels in Falken rubber comply with the historic look and maintain proportions that respect the Paramount aura — finished here in BASF Glasurit’s White as Fluff paint. The wheels hide what would be a glaring tell, Baer Pro six-piston calipers clamping 15-inch rotors.

Likewise with the interior, where an oversized steering wheel with knurled spokes, ornate gauges and discrete billet switchgear, seats and picnic tables wrapped in blood red leather, and even the headliner with its 1,000 hand-sewn LEDS convey the appropriate depth of genuine Rolls-Royce veneer. And no one can spot the carbon fiber instrument panel and door cards behind the actual veneers. That headliner is a nod to modern Rolls, as are the gyroscopic center caps in the wheels that ensure the “RR” remains upright. We’ve never seen a Rolls-Royce with a custom rear armrest hiding two small bottles of Don Julio tequila, though.

Everything else? All the bits you can’t or rarely see? Gone. The original dual-carb 6.2-liter V8 that produced 185 horsepower and 339 pound-feet of torque retired to Cornwall, replaced by a Corvette’s supercharged 6.2-liter V8 making 640 horsepower and 635 pound-feet of torque. The new mill shifts through a Bowler Tru-Street ten-speed automatic transmission, output then sent to a QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft to a Ford 9-inch rear end from Strange Engineering 

The engine, and the rest of the car, bolt to a custom Roadster Shop RideLine Stage 3 chassis with custom, 10-gauge boxed steel rails. The custom floor pan expands interior room and dampens NVH. Fox RS SV six-inch coilovers thread custom control arms in front and the four-bar rear suspension, abetted by sway bars with C6 Corvette end links.

And the leather-and-carpet-lined trunk might be the nicest place to host a picnic or just watch the sun go down. Or, more likely in this case, scarf a ham sandwich and a to-go coffee while watching SEMA go by. Visitors to Vegas can check out Paramount in the BASF Glasurit booth. 

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