Bigg Boss 17 Narrator Vijay Vikram Singh Says He Gets THREATS After Eliminations: ‘I’ve Got Abused’

Vijay Vikram Singh is the narrator of Bigg Boss.

Television series Bigg Boss is currently airing its 17th season and boasts of a huge fan base.

Television series Bigg Boss is currently airing its 17th season and boasts of a huge fan base. Despite the show’s longevity, fans continue to struggle with the understanding that the voice artists associated with the program do not influence the decisions about who remains in the house. Vijay Vikram Singh, the show’s narrator who engages with the audience, recently discussed the issue during a chat with Bollywood Bubble. He revealed, that over the last two years, he has received many threats against himself and his family following the eviction of a popular contestant. Vijay clarified that he serves as the second voice on the show and does not directly interact with the housemates.

“I have to tell people that there are two voices on Bigg Boss, they don’t believe me. I am the voice who interacts with the audience,” he said and clarified that his voice is the one that announces the time, and narrates the events to the television audience. “The voice that interacts with the contestants is a different voice. I keep telling people that I am the narrator’s voice on the show,” he said.

Vijay mentioned that he’s dealt with numerous online trolls over the past two years whenever a popular contestant is voted out. He clarified that he doesn’t make the elimination decisions—it’s based on people’s votes. “In the last two years, I have gotten abused so many times online for eliminating people. I keep telling them that I am not the one who eliminates, it’s the people’s votes. Secondly, I am not that voice,” he said and added that his family has also gotten threats. He shared, “People have dragged my family and they start threatening them,” he said.

Vijay clarified that he is not the Bigg Boss but rather the second voice. Although he didn’t disclose the identity of the person or machine behind the Bigg Boss character, he maintained that even if it were a person, they are simply performing their job.

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