Xacutis Cool, But Have You Tried Goan Mushroom Curry? Step-By-Step Recipe Inside

Have no plans this weekend? Are you bored at home? Fret not; we have the perfect solution for you. This weekend, you can enjoy a Goan vibe while sitting at home. Wonder how? All you need to do is prepare this Chef’s special Goan mushroom curry and set up a table for yourself and your loved ones. Sounds like a plan? Chef Kirti Bhoutika recently took to her Instagram to share this recipe, which, according to her, is inspired by the popular Xacuti dish of the region. Sounds perfect? So get all your kitchen arsenal handy and follow the recipe below.

What Is Xacuti? How Is Goan Mushroom Curry Similar To Xacuti?

Xacuti (pronounced: Shah-Kuti) is a traditional Goan curry prepared with a complex union of spices, including coconut, poppy seeds, red chillies, and onions. Usually, Xacuti is prepared with meat or seafood, but today, you can also find vegetarian versions of the dish, with mushroom xacuti being the most popular one.
Chef Kirti took her inspiration from the classic mushroom xacuti and made her version, excluding some basic spices from the recipe. While grated coconut, poppy seeds, and red chilli play a significant role in the flavors of xacuti, this particular dish eliminates the use of poppy seeds. Instead, it includes a generous amount of coconut, peppercorns, cloves, and enough onions to get the flavors right.
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Step-By-Step Goan Mushroom Curry Recipe | How To Make Goan Mushroom Curry At Home

Step 1: To make this dish, you need to first grate coconuts, slice onions, crush garlic, and soak the tamarind.

Step 2: Fry the coconut to make it dry and add some spices like dry roasted red chillies, cinnamon, black peppercorn, and coriander seeds.

Step 3: Heat some oil, fry garlic and onion, and add to the coconut mix. Now, blend them all with some water for the gravy paste.

Step 4: Take the paste in a pan, add water, and prepare the gravy. To it, add sautéed mushroom.

Step 5: Adjust salt and sugar, garnish with some freshly chopped coriander leaves, and serve with rice.
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Watch the detailed recipe video of Goan mushroom curry:

Meanwhile, click here for the classic mushroom xacuti recipe.

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