Watch: This Wonton Soup Is The Perfect Treat For Your Winter Evenings

A warm bowl of soup on a chilly winter evening just hits the spot. Don’t you agree? Soup defines comfort and also packs with essential nutrients, leaving you with a sense of fulfillment. What we enjoy the most is the range of soup variants available across the globe. From desi soups like rasam and dal soup to the exotic cream of mushroom- options are many, leaving you spoilt for choices. In this article, we bring you a popular Chinese delicacy – wonton soup, that is sure to strike the right balance of flavour and comfort in a bowl. Let’s take you through.
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What makes wonton soup so popular? What is wonton soup made of?

Wonton soup is a standard of Chinese that comprises seasoned chicken broth with filled wontons. An Asian equivalent to ravioli, and are folded around a spiced meat mixture. According to historians, wonton soup became more wide-spread post World War II, when it moved to Hong Kong. Today, you will find many street-side stalls in Hong Kong selling the dish to the locals and the tourists.

Wonton soup recipe | How to make wonton soup at home:

You will find a list of articles and videos demonstrating the recipe of wonton soup. But, we got you one that is easy and can be replicated at home. This is a veg wonton soup recipe that has been shared by chef Kirti Bhoutika on her Instagram handle.
To start with, prepare the dough for wonton with maida, salt, and water as required. Then prepare filling with a mix of grated broccoli, carrot, paneer (you can use minced chicken instead)- all sauted in oil and then mixed with light soy sauce. Then prepare the wonton following the video shared below.
Next, prepare a soup using water, chopped ginger, garlic, sliced vegetables, oil, light soy sauce, finely chopped coriander, spring onion, and salt and pepper.
Now add the wonton to the soup, simmer it for sometime, and serve hot. Drizzle some chilli oil on top, if you have.
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Watch the detailed recipe video of wonton soup below:

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