Watch: This Wedding Has A DIY Roti Counter For Guests – Video Goes Viral

Indian weddings are highly cherished for their extravagant food. From an elaborate buffet of main courses to lip-smacking street food counters, they are nothing short of a treat for food enthusiasts. However, it appears that we must now transition from live pasta, pizza, and chaat stations, as the live roti counter is the latest wedding trend captivating the internet. A video shared by a user on X (formerly Twitter) provides a glimpse of this emerging wedding food trend. Nevertheless, there’s a twist – no one will serve it on your plate; instead, guests have to take matters into their own hands, quite literally. The video portrays two guests roasting their rotis on a tawa. The footage commences with the guests standing on the opposite side of the counter, holding plates full of food.
One of the guests can be seen using tongs to roast the roti and placing it on his acquaintance’s plate. Meanwhile, the clip reveals a cook rolling out a flatbread and putting it on the tawa for them to roast. The video was accompanied by a caption that read, “Bhool gaya tha shaadi mein aya hun yahan toh khana bana banaya milta hai,” adding a humourous touch to the unique wedding culinary experience.  The internet is struggling to accept this trend, as the user himself wondered if tomorrow guests will be asked to wash their utensils. Sharing the video, the user wrote, “A new thing at parties, make roti yourself… kal bolenge party ke bartan bhi dhoke jao.
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Several in the comments section claimed that in a few years they will be asked to chop the vegetables. A user commented, “Main gayi thi vaha gol gappe khud se le kar khane pad rahe the… 2-4 saalon mein sabzi bhi katvane lag jaenge log toh.

Some said that in such scenarios they will only eat rice. “In that case, I will eat rice only…inki roti inko mubarak ho”.

A comment read, “Now my husband will ask me to make chapati for him, there too.”

A few pointed out, “The guest doesn’t seem too happy doing it. Yeh kaisa idea hai.”

Many wondered if they would ask the guests to knead the dough.
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