This Popular Owala Water Bottle Is Up To 25% Off Right Now

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I am nothing without my emotional support water bottle; the social media term likens a reusable bottle to a security blanket. And speaking of social media, TikTok is a big fan of the insulated Owala FreeSip water bottle, a good-looking little drinking vessel rivaling some of the most viral bottle options out there in popularity — and it’s on sale for up to 25% off right now at Amazon.

According to Owala fans, the FreeSip, which has an impressive 4.8-out-of-five star Amazon rating, ticks pretty much all of their boxes: It keeps contents hot or cold, it won’t leak even when held upside down, it’s fun to drink out of and it’s easy to clean.

One reviewer claimed that the stainless steel and double-wall insulated design kept ice frozen for two days, while others say their water stays fresh and ultra-drinkable, even on scalding hot days.

And if you’re someone like me who needs to take their bottle with them wherever they go, the movable carry loop at the top of the lid makes it easy. Or, if you want to just throw it in a gym bag or in your car, the push-button locking lid promises that no leaks will happen on its watch.

No matter if you’re someone who likes to sip or swig their water; the FreeSip allows both drinking options using the clever dual-mouth spout that conceals a non-folding drinking straw that’s deceptively easy to clean, according to reviewers.

Although the Owala boasts tons of fun color options and three sizes, only a few colors are sale, and we hear the sale ends Tuesday. So get hydrated and grab yourself one, or read how excited the following people were about getting their Owala water bottle below.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“The Owala 24oz Water Bottle has completely revolutionized my hydration game! From its exceptional insulation to the convenient straw design, this bottle has become my constant companion for staying refreshed on the go. First and foremost, the claim of keeping water cold for a long time is no exaggeration. I was initially skeptical, but after putting it to the test on a hot summer day, I was blown away. Even after several hours under the scorching sun, my water remained refreshingly cold, making every sip a delight.

The straw feature is an absolute game-changer! I’ve used other insulated bottles before, but having a straw in this one just elevates the drinking experience to a whole new level of convenience. It’s super easy to use and minimizes the need to unscrew the cap every time I want to take a sip. Plus, the flip-up spout prevents any accidental spills, making it perfect for all occasions, whether it’s hiking, commuting, or just lounging at home.” — MonkeyJoe (This review was edited for length. Read the full review.)

“I researched. I studied up. I polled the audience via my Facebook page. This is where I landed, and I’ll never look back. I cannot sing the praises of this water bottle enough!! I call it my emotional support water bottle, because let’s face it – hydrate or die-drate is a serious situation. I delight in the ‘sip’ or ‘swig’ options with the built in straw. The straw is removable for cleaning convenience. The top is designed so well with the loop that can function as a lock or as a handle of sorts. I will probably never buy another water bottle brand. I’m all in, Owala, I’m all in.” — Joe Cartwright

“I love this water bottle so much. I travel a lot and have been trying to find the perfect bottle for work travel and home and this is it. The lock loop is so convenient to carry the bottle or hook it on to my bag as I go through the airport or on a walk. I love that the straw part is hard plastic without a fold like a lot of other water bottles. It makes it much easier to clean and much less likely to grow any mold. It keeps ice for like 2 days. The larger part of the spout is the perfect size to refill the bottle in the sink or at one of those water bottle stations without having to take the entire lid and straw out. I ordered in black because I like to cover it in stickers, but their color options are also SO CUTE. This water bottle has laid in bed with me and flat on a turbulent plane and it has never leaked. Can not recommend enough.” — Sam

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