Security Alert: CertiK Flags Critical Vulnerability In OKX IOS App, Urges Immediate Update

  • Security Alert for iPhone Users: CertiK’s discovery prompted an urgent call for iOS updates among OKX wallet users to secure their assets.
  • OKX’s Swift Response: OKX swiftly addressed the vulnerability issue and assured users that no customer assets were compromised

Blockchain security firm CertiK has raised alarm bells for iPhone users of OKX, urging an immediate update of the iOS application after discovering a critical security vulnerability earlier in December.

Urgent iOS Update Required

On December 19, CertiK, via a notification on social media, issued an urgent warning to all OKX wallet users on iPhones, advising them to swiftly update their iOS applications to the latest version. The vulnerability found in the OKX iOS App had the potential to expose users to security risks, enabling unauthorized access to sensitive data and crypto assets, as stated by CertiK.

Security Patch Deployed by OKX

Responding promptly to CertiK’s findings, OKX implemented a necessary fix on December 19 through an essential upgrade, pushing users to install iOS version 6.45.0. CertiK confirmed the resolution of the security issue following this upgrade.

Assurance from OKX

While addressing the issue, OKX emphasized that the vulnerability did not compromise any customer assets. Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerabilities, like the one identified, can be exploited by attackers to execute unauthorized code on a network or system, potentially leading to breaches or theft of funds.

Recent Security Incidents

This incident follows OKX’s recent bout with security challenges, notably the OKX DEX encountering a $2.7 million hack on December 13. The breach reportedly occurred due to a leaked private key of the proxy admin owner.

OKX’s Reputation and Expansions

Ranked 10th on CoinGecko’s trusted trading platforms leaderboard with a high score of 9/10, OKX has been dedicated to enhancing its security measures. Despite these events, the exchange launched trading and wallet services in Brazil at the end of November, showcasing its commitment to global expansion.

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