“Moye Moye Rasgulla Chai” Gets Over 11 Million Views. Internet Dissaproves

If you haven’t felt the wind of Moye Moye, you are honestly living under a rock. Saying that this crazy viral trend has set the internet ablaze, will truly be an understatement. This viral sensation originated from the chorus of the Serbian song Dzanum by Teya Dora. While it has amassed over 60 million views on YouTube, it is crucial to note that the original words are Moje More (pronounced as moye more). The words, which the internet has mistaken for Moye Moye, roughly translates to “My sea.” The internet is obsessed with this trend—so much so that viral bizarre food videos are shared along with the Moye Moye music in the background. We say this, as now the internet has brought forth a video of “Moye Moye rasgulla chai.” The now-viral clip was shared by an Instagram food page. It begins with a person keeping a rasgulla inside a kulhad. The moment he adds piping hot tea on top of the rasgulla, the music in the background croons Moje More—Moye Moye. Wondering how this rasgulla chai is sipped? The clip concludes with the man taking out the rasgulla using a cup, making us believe that he ate the rasgulla first and then sipped the tea.

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The clip has left the internet agitated. Several users flooded the comments section by stating their disapproval. A comment read, “Only reel that has disappointed India & England together.”

A user hilariously said, “Rasgulla is asking for justice.”

Many Bengalis expressed their disappointment, as one commented, “It’s illegal as a Bengali to see this… why did I open Instagram…”

“Being a Bengali it hurts,” commented a user.

Another said, “Some food experiments should not be entertained. It’s the same as making pizza with chocolate toppings.”

“Just because you can do it doesn’t mean it should be done,” said a user.

Would you like to try out this rasgulla chai? So far the video has been viewed more than 11 million times.

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