Maggi Meets Chocolate Pastry And Gems In The Latest Bizarre Food Experimentation

Maggi noodles have become a beloved companion for us. The ease of cooking and delightful taste make it a friendly go-to option for those seeking a quick, fuss-free meal. Maggi experimentation is evident in the imaginative dishes that emerge when foodies mix them with an array of ingredients, from veggies to meats. However, not every combination hits the mark. Occasionally, the adventurous concoctions may result in less-than-appetising outcomes. Some recent viral videos have showcased the wild side of Maggi experimentation, with one featuring the creation of a Maggi chocolate pastry and another exploring the unusual combination of Maggi with milk and Cadbury Gems.
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In a viral video on X, a street vendor heats oil, adds chillies and onions for flavour, and then a slice of chocolate pastry goes into the sizzling pan. They crush it with a spatula, mix it with the spices, and toss in the familiar Maggi noodles and masala. As the noodles cook, their unsettling transformation to a dark brown from the chocolate renders the dish visually unappealing. Watch the video here:

In another peculiar instance, a new Maggi recipe takes an unexpected turn by incorporating milk and chocolate into it. The short clip unfolds with someone placing a stack of Maggi noodles in a pan, followed by the addition of a sachet of Cadbury Gems, which are colourful sugar-coated chocolate buttons. The person then pours a cup of milk over the noodles, and the concoction results in a bizarre combination of noodles, milk, and melted sugar-coated chocolate. Take a look:
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On the brighter side, there are plenty of delicious Maggi dishes you can easily whip up at home. Explore our collection of recipes here and embark on a flavourful journey with your favourite noodles! 

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