“Just Wait For Next Day”: Internet Reacts To Man Eating Pani Puri Stuffed With Six Chillies

If there is one street food that can leave all of us drooling at the same time, it has to be pani puri. Agreed? Pani puri is hands down the most loved Indian street food out there. Whether you call them golgappas, puchkas, or batashas, the love for pani puri knows no bounds. While some of us prefer pani puris with spicy flavourful water, many like to relish it with sweet chutney. But do you know someone who would pair this street food with green chillies? A video of a food vlogger (@ravifoodeatt), showing him gorging on puris stuffed with green chillies, is making rounds on the internet. If you think that he consumed the puris with green chilly water, you are mistaken.

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The video shows him stuffing the golgappa with whole chillies and not just one but six of them together. The clip opens to show him digging a hole in the puri and then starts putting chillies in it. The video shows him using both green and red chillies in the process. Next, he goes ahead and dips the puri in the spicy water, with floating chillies and onions. Then he eats it all together. We don’t know about the taste, but let us tell you that after gorging on this deadly combination, the vlogger literally can be seen having a hard time talking to his followers. The clip concluded with him getting teary-eyed.

The video left the internet divided. While many claimed that pani puris left them craving the dish, a few wondered what was the need to try such a combination.

A foodie wrote, “Bhai pata nahi par tumhe khate huye dekh kar mujhe bhi khane ka mann kar raha hai. [Brother, I don’t know why but after watching you eat, I also feel like having pani puri].”

A user joked, “Just wait for tomorrow’s morning.”

Another wrote, “Just wait for the next day.”

Sach sach bta bhai tere majburi hai na. [Please tell the truth, you were compelled to do this, right?],” asked a person.

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How do you like to enjoy pani puri—with sweet chutney or spicy water?

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