Income From Serious Gaming to Roles Gamers Are Eyeing, HP’s Vickram Bedi Breakdown Latest Gaming Landscape Study 2023

Gaming, for many, relates to relaxation or entertainment, but steadily, serious gaming is also becoming an avenue for career opportunities. And, if HP’s latest India Gaming Landscape Study 2023 is to be believed, then the trends are changing for good. Gadgets 360 got a chance to sit with Vickram Bedi, Senior Director (Personal Systems), HP India, to talk about the key insights from the Study.

When asked how the gaming landscape has evolved post-pandemic, Bedi explains, “India’s gaming market has undergone a significant transformation, expanding from a niche professional gamers’ activity to a passion followed by a wider GenZ audience. We have recognised the growing interest in PC gaming among Indian gamers and have responded by providing a comprehensive gaming solution.” 

He further discussed how HP caters to this demand with its range of laptops in India. There’s something for everyone, like the Omen Transcend 16, which targets users with a hybrid demand, focusing on slim form, power, and portability. The company’s Omen range caters to serious gamers. Bedi also stressed how there’s a notable shift from mobile gamers to PC gaming enthusiasts. 

“This trend is driven by a desire to enhance the gaming experience, and many Indian gamers are gravitating towards PCs to achieve this. According to our Study, one of the main reasons for this shift is the preference for better display and graphics and a more holistic gaming experience. Our focus has been on providing a complete gaming solution that seamlessly integrates into the gamers’ entire ecosystem, covering everything from software to peripherals,” he added.

HP’s latest gaming study had 3,500 respondents from 15 Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities across India. The study also segregated casual and hyper-casual gamers with less than 12 hours per week of gameplay and serious and professional gamers with more than 12 hours per week of gameplay. Two interesting insights that came out of the Study were about income from serious gaming and women’s participation in the gaming landscape. 

Bedi elaborates, “An interesting reveal from our Study is that one in three gamers are gaming for money or recognition. The surge in esports tournaments has played a pivotal role in transforming gaming into a viable profession. Beyond gaming, opportunities have grown in areas such as content creation, streaming, and esports event organisation. This multifaceted landscape provides gamers with the chance to explore diverse roles within the gaming industry.”

On being asked to dive into where exactly gamers can look for income, he adds, “gamers are earning the most from sponsorships,” as per the latest findings of the Study. 

“This trend highlights the growing recognition of gamers as influential figures with the ability to reach and engage with large and diverse audiences. Moreover, the rise of gaming influencers, streamers, and esports organisers is indicative of the industry’s expanding prospects. Gamers can now make a career by not only excelling in gameplay but also by cultivating a personal brand and creating engaging content,” he adds.

Vickram Bedi Senior DirectorHP india Vickram Bedi  Senior Director (Personal Systems)  HP India

Vickram Bedi, Senior Director (Personal Systems), HP India

On being asked what kind of income serious gamers have been getting as per the new Study, Bedi added, “A substantial number of gamers have transitioned to earning between 6 – 12 lakhs annually. This shift can be attributed to the increasing opportunities in sponsorships, streaming, and content creation, which have evolved into popular sources of income within the gaming landscape.”

While this has come up in the past, the new HP study also corroborates the trend where more women are picking up gaming. Bedi explains, “According to our Study, 58% of women respondents engage in serious gaming in India. The increasing participation of women in serious gaming represents a positive trend for the gaming ecosystem and highlights the inclusive nature of the industry. With a broader demographic engaging in serious gaming, the gaming industry can tap into new markets and audiences. Additionally, the involvement of women in serious gaming can drive innovation in gaming technology and peripherals. A more diverse user base leads to an increased demand for products catering to a variety of preferences and ergonomic considerations.” 

The report also talks about learning opportunities for gamers. We asked what some of the must-have learnings for gamers are, and of course, YouTube came out as a platform to watch and learn for gamers. 

Bedi breaks it down, “Our Study has revealed that more than half of gamers rely on YouTube and their gaming buddies to enhance their skills. We also learnt that gamers want workshops and courses in areas like gameplay training, content creation and game designing. This clearly reflects a need for learning opportunities for gamers in India.”

When asked what HP has done to fill this gap, Bedi said, “Recognising this, we introduced HP Gaming Garage, a free-of-cost online professional certificate program on Esports management and Game development. This initiative provides gaming enthusiasts in India with access to curated online modules covering esports management, game design, and game programming, fostering learning and development in these areas. Hosted on edX, the program is available in 12 languages, including English, Hindi, and Telugu.”

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