How To Become A Tunnel Engineer; Check Salary, Qualifications, Roles And Responsibilities

A tunnel engineer is required to have a civil engineering degree.

From analysis to design, and construction, tunnel engineers are responsible for safeguarding the tunnel structure during construction and operation.

While travelling in the metro and trains, you must have witnessed tunnels. A tunnel is an underground corridor built through the surrounding enclosed except for the entrance and exit points. These tunnels have always been an integral part of transportation infrastructure and are constructed under the guidance of tunnel engineers and experts. Now, the question arises who are tunnel engineers and what is tunnel engineering?

Tunnel engineers are highly specialised civil engineers who are assigned the responsibility of designing and managing tunnel engineering projects. They are required to supervise the tunnel-building process right from the initial planning stage and share their expertise. They are expected to be at the site until the first car or train passes through.

Tunnel engineers: Roles and responsibilities

The tunnel engineers are responsible for various tasks. From analysis to design, and construction, they are responsible for safeguarding the tunnel structure during construction and operation. This requires a deep and strong understanding of geotechnical engineering principles and practices. In addition to that, it is mandatory for the tunnel engineers to be able to effectively communicate with other engineers, contractors and clients.

Besides these qualifications and skills, the tunnel engineer should have in-depth knowledge of NATM and TBM excavation techniques alongside trenchless construction.

Tunnel engineers: Qualification

A tunnel engineer is required to be a graduate and hold a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. It would be an added benefit if they have a master’s degree as well. They should also have a permit to practice engineering in the state where they are working. In addition to the degrees, they should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Experience with computer-aided design (CAD) software will enhance the chances of landing a big project or job.

Tunnel engineers: Salary

As per reports and analysis by Glassdoor, the average salary of a tunnel engineer is approximately Rs 1,73,615 per month in India. The average additional cash compensation is Rs 1,14,754, with a range from Rs 68,853 to Rs 1,60,656. The average salary was listed only after compiling the data from different tunnel engineers.

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