Finally! Gordon Ramsay Finds A Dish That He Likes. Watch Viral Video

In the culinary world, Gordon Ramsay needs no introduction. The celebrity chef and restaurateur has always been a tough one to impress. Every time he makes a guest appearance on a cooking show or on the internet, he often leaves contestants teary-eyed with his reviews. However, there is one dish that has managed to bring out compliments from his mouth. Yes, you read that right. Gordon Ramsay loved the video of a sandwich and he called it “brilliant.” The chef dropped a collage video of himself reviewing the making of a bacon and egg sandwich on Instagram.
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The clip begins with the visual of a bacon strip being fried. Once it transforms its colour, the cook beats two eggs together and fries in the same pan with the bacon strips. Before flipping the egg, two slices of bread are kept on the bacon. Then it is turned over to toast the bread and what looks like chicken slices are placed on it. Surprisingly, the cook sprinkles it with chilli flakes, oregano, honey, tomato slices, and a few leaves of spinach and then it is all folded like a wrap. Serve it by slicing it as you want. Gordon Ramsay is seen reviewing the cooking process on a split screen.

The clip concludes with Gordon Ramsay saying, “This looks actually quite delicious. Very clever.” Sharing the clip, the chef wrote, “Not an #IdiotSandwich here…breakfast is served!!”

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The video has been viewed more than 18 million times. Needless to say, the internet was amused to witness Gordon Ramsay complimenting a dish. A comment read, “Finally, Gordon approving a meal!”

A user couldn’t believe that the chef lauded the recipe that he prepared. “Can’t believe my breakfast sandwich recipe (that I make most mornings) got Gordon Ramsay approved.” Another commented, “OMG finally, thank you.”

“First one of these I’ve seen where he actually likes the results.” wrote a person.

Pointing out the favourite part of the video, a user wrote, “My favourite part is that he wasn’t sure if he liked it until it was done ‘this look…actually quite nice.’”

A comment read, “It’s rare to see sir Ramsey act so quite nice.”

A few also lauded the recipe, “I’m kinda bothered he didn’t cut the sandwich diagonally, but it looks great.”

While Gordon Ramsay lauding a dish is a rare sight, this has happened before. Earlier, Gordon Ramsay praised a video of a student, taking hostel cooking to the next level by making a gourmet steak dish in his room.

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