Fact check: Did Jasprit Bumrah unfollowed Mumbai Indians on Instagram?

In the midst of the fervent anticipation surrounding the upcoming season of Indian Premier League (IPL), Jasprit Bumrah has unexpectedly became the focal point of attention, triggering widespread speculation as the right-arm speedster allegedly chosen to unfollow his IPL team Mumbai Indians on Instagram.

The purported development sent shock-waves across social media platforms, with enthusiasts and cricket fans fervently engaging in conjecture and guesswork regarding Bumrah’s future in the IPL.

Jasprit Bumrah’s cryptic Instagram story

The genesis of the current supposition surrounding Bumrah commenced with a cryptic Instagram story shared by the cricketer on Tuesday. In the enigmatic post, he pondered, “Silence is sometimes the best answer.” The impact of this succinct statement reverberated swiftly, fueling a rampant speculation that the Indian cricketer has unfollowed his long-time IPL franchise.


Jasprit Bumrah’s Instagram story (Image source: Twitter)

This development, akin to wildfire, swiftly traversed the realms of social media, triggering a cascade of conjectures among ardent cricket followers. The online grapevine got buzzed with theories suggesting potential discontentment of the 29-year-old with his current franchise.

A prevailing belief also emerged that this intriguing social media activity could indicate an imminent trade of Bumrah ahead of the IPL 2024 auction.

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Here’s the truth behind Bumrah unfollowing MI

Following a brief but thorough research, it has come to light that the swirling rumours regarding Bumrah’s decision to unfollow MI on Instagram are entirely unfounded. Contrary to the spreaded narrative, it has been confirmed that the Ahmedabad-born cricketer never followed the MI’s official account on the social media platform in the first place.

Interestingly, Bumrah’s Instagram activity reflects a deliberate choice to exclusively follow individuals, eschewing any allegiance to the specific IPL franchises. This disclosure underscores the need for caution in interpreting social media cues. It also highlights the importance of fact-checking before conclusions are drawn, especially in the age of rapid information dissemination and online speculation.

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