Excise Inspector To SDM, Rashmi Yadav’s Journey Is All About Grit And Determination

Rashmi Yadav hails from Badlapur tehsil of Jaunpur, UP.

Hard work often yields positive results and Rashmi Yadav serves as a testament to this fact.

Hard work has proven to yield positive results, and Rashmi Yadav stands as an example of this fact. Hailing from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, she achieved the remarkable feat of becoming a Sub Divisional Magistrate through relentless dedication and determination. Rashmi’s journey towards her ambition began with her becoming an Excise Inspector, followed by her success in the Uttar Pradesh Public Commission Service (UP PCS) exams, leading to her appointment as an SDM. Her inspiring success story serves as a beacon for aspiring candidates.

Hailing from the Badlapur tehsil of Jaunpur, Rashmi Yadav secured the top position in UP PCS 2022. Her educational journey began at Harihar Singh Public School in Jaunpur, where she completed her high school and intermediate studies. Pursuing a B.Sc course at Allahabad University, Prayagraj, she continued her academic pursuits under the guidance of her maternal uncle, Dhirendra Yadav.

From a young age, Rashmi harboured a strong desire to become an officer, driven by a passion to serve as a civil servant. Following her graduation, she dedicated herself to rigorous training and hard work in preparation for the Civil Services Exam. Successfully cracking the UP PCS in 2021, though with a lower rank, she initially secured the position of Excise Inspector. Undeterred, two days later, she achieved her dream by securing the 26th rank in UP PCS 2022 and finally becoming an SDM. Her accomplishments have not only brought pride to her family but have also been a source of celebration for her community.

Rashmi Yadav’s roots lie in a family of farmers, with her father, Harishchandra Yadav, engaged in farming, and her mother serving as an Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM). Despite her humble background, Rashmi spared no effort in realising her dreams. She has a younger brother, Avneesh, who is actively preparing for his career in Prayagraj.

Rashmi Yadav’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of hard work and determination, breaking barriers and achieving success against the odds.

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