Bigg Boss 17: Khanzaadi Gets EVICTED In The Most Shocking Elimination? Netizens Call It ‘Unfair’

In a shocking turn of events on Salman Khan’s popular show Bigg Boss 17, it is being said that Khanzaadi will be evicted from the house this weekend. This comes as a shock because it is being said that it was Vicky Jain and Neil Bhatt who were in the bottom two, as per the audience’s votes.

One X user took to the microblogging site and wrote, “#BiggBoss17: #NeilBhatt and #VickyJain were in Botton 2 this week, but #KhanZaadi has been evicted!! Why create this drama and ask for votes!! Stop this Drama!! Disappointing


The post quickly went viral and netizens began to react to it. One person wrote, “#Khanzaadi deserve to stay she was getting votes and was more popular than Neil but unfair. Her only fault was she said I want to go home again last wkw

KHANZAADI WON HEARTS.” Another added, “KHANZAADI WON HEARTS #bringbackkhanzaadi she deserves to be in the show.”

However, some netizens didn’t mind the news of her eviction. One person wrote, “Vicky wasn’t bottom 2.” Another added, “Actually but in many polls, I have seen where Khanzaadi got fewer votes she was bottom 4 or 3 see I don’t have any problem.”

On the show, Khanzaadi recently developed an interesting bond with Abhishek Kumar. Earlier, she was seen telling Abhishek to not dwell over Isha Malviya and play his own game to establish his identity. The two developed a close bond after that.

She was also recently involved in a tiff with Salman Khan when the host scolded her for saying that she wanted to go home. He also called her out for constantly bringing up her health issues despite her doctor deeming her medically fit to be in the house.

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