“Any Day, Any Time” – Mira Kapoor Reveals Her Go-To Food And Drink Combo

When in doubt, many of us fall back on the comfort of our favourite food and drinks. While some enjoy desi delights like pakoras with chai, others enjoy treats like coffee and croissants. Mira Kapoor recently revealed one of her go-to food and drink combinations. Wondering what it was? She shared a picture of her favourite combo on her Instagram stories. We spotted a crispy dosa with sambhar and tangy red chutney on the side. A paper cup with filter coffee was also visible. The text below the picture read, “Dosa + Filter coffee. Any day, any time.” Do you share her passion for this South Indian duo? We sure do! Take a look at the screengrab below:

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Mira Kapoor’s love for food is always relatable. Not too long ago, Mira posted a picture with a glass full of chocolate concoction. In the image, one of her hands was busy holding the glass, while the other was joyfully scooping a spoonful into her mouth. For those curious about the contents of her glass, Mira’s caption provided the answer: “Mandatory hot chocolate fudge!” Click here to read the full story.

Mira Kapoor had once offered us a sneak peek into her weekend binge through Instagram Stories. The spread showcased a refreshing beverage alongside a tempting pudding adorned with mango slices and pumpkin seeds. In subsequent stories, Mira Kapoor gave us a glimpse into a lip-smacking brunch with her husband Shahid Kapoor and a friend in Mumbai. Mira Kapoor shared another picture of a delectable Japanese dish. Any guesses? Find out here here.

We can’t wait to witness more of Mira Kapoor’s delicious food adventures!

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