Ankita Lokhande Gets Into UGLY Screaming Match With Neil Bhatt On Bigg Boss 17: ‘Kitna Darpok Hai…’

Ankita and Neil got into a fight.

Ankita Lokhande and Neil Bhatt got into an ugly fight due to the latest nominations in Bigg Boss 17.

Salman Khan’s popular reality television show Bigg Boss returned to screens with yet another season of drama and entertainment. According to the new promo of the show, the latest nominations have created quite an upheaval in the house. As the contestants geared up for the recent nominations, Ankita Lokhande and Neil Bhatt were seen getting into an ugly spat.

In the new promo, Ankita could be heard calling Neil a coward. She said, “Darpok… kitna darpok hai tu.” Neil then came and sat in front of Ankita and asked her to speak to him them. Ankita said, “Thoda door se, badboo aa rahi hai muh se (Stay a little away, your breath stinks).”

Ankita then could be heard telling Neil to not come close to her as she wasn’t getting close to him. They could then be heard talking about poking one another. Ankita said, “Aaj toh poora poke hoga (Today you will be fully poked).”

Neil said, “Toh poke karna, sui marna, chaaku marna, khanjar marna jaise pehle kiya tha (So poke a needle, knife or blade like you did earlier).” Ankita replied, “Jo sochna hai voh soch (Think whatever you want to).”

Neil and Ankita then got into an ugly shouting spree wherein they could be heard telling each other to shut up. Fans of the show took to the comments section to express their hot take on Neil and Ankita’s fight.

One person wrote, “Now everyone is fighting with #AnkitaLokhande they know whom to fight with to get screen space.” Another added, “Now Neil wants some footage .” One person commented, “Ankita is annoying.” Another added, “Interesting episode, now we will see Ankita and Vicky’s real face.”

The nominations will take place on Monday, November 27.

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