Delhi Food Vendor Uses His New Car As Mobile Dhaba – Video Goes Viral

The street-side food scene in India has undergone a remarkable transformation in the recent past. From graduates selling chai and pani puri to culinary enthusiasts creating Indo-Western fusions like kulhad pizzas, there have been unique and innovative experiments. While food vans are not uncommon, a recent trend takes it a step further, featuring a person who sells food directly from the trunk of his car. Yes, you heard that right. Hailing from Delhi, this entrepreneur utilizes his brand-new car as a mobile dhaba, offering homemade food claimed to be prepared by his wife. A recent Instagram video showcasing this innovative venture is gaining attention and appreciation for its unique approach.
The video showcases a car with a fully loaded trunk, displaying an array of casseroles filled with various dishes. Among them are masala chicken, basmati rice, shahi paneer, and tawa roti, creating a mobile feast. As the vendor proudly presents his dhaba on wheels, he expresses his pride in his profession, emphasizing that there is no shame in selling food on the street side.
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Take a look at the video below:

After watching this video, thousands of people appreciated the food vendor in the comment section.
A user wrote, “It’s just the beginning, keep going.”
Another user added, “Bhai sahab Kai log aapko dekhkar aage badhenge [Many people will get inspired from you brother.]”
Masala Chicken to Jabardast lag raha hai [Masala chicken is looking yummy],” read a comment.
Someone said, “Sir bahut vadiya. Waheguru ji Mehar krn gy [Very nice sir. God bless you.]”
Amazing asa logo ko mera salute ha [Amazing! I salute such people],” read a comment.
A person from Chandigarh said, “That’s like a real spirit, bhai.”
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