Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan Scolds Mannara Chopra For Poor Conduct With Karan Johar ‘Your Two Sisters In Industry…’

Salman Khan scolded Mannara Chopra for her poor conduct with Karan Johar in previous Weekend Ka Vaar.

Salman Khan welcomed Aoora as the new wild card entry and addressed the contestants for their respective flaws.

The ongoing season of the controversial reality show, Bigg Boss, has been filled with intense conflict and drama, keeping dedicated viewers glued to their screens each night. Last night’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode that ended on a cliffhanger picked up right from Salman Khan confronting Abhishek Kumar for his outbursts. But that was not the only contestant that faced the ire of the Tiger 3 actor. Mannara Chopra was caught in the whirlwind as well.

Salman Khan told Mannara Chopra, “The way you spoke with Karan Johar, I am very upset. Dad always told you to be respectful. There are two sisters of yours in the industry. They’ve been very respectful. Why does the third sister have so much disrespect inside the house and outside the house? Spoiled child ka umar chala gaya. Har cheez barter main hota hai. Ek haath lo, ek haath do. Munawar can get away with ‘lete jao, lete jao, lete jao’ and return main kuch na do.”

Salman Khan shifted his focus to Munawar Faruqui and scolded him for always supporting Mannara, despite her arrogant attitude and her gossiping nature. The actor then mentioned that there are only two or three people inside the house who have a clarity on the status of relationship with other housemates and that others lack that maturity.

Salman Khan also blamed Khanzadi for using Ankita Lokhande as a utility to survive inside the house, since due to differences between Mannara and Ankita, Khanzadi gets to be in the spotlight. However, the rapper refused to accept that allegations and stated that she shares a very deep bond with Ankita and that she’ll never use her in any way.

The episode also witnessed a wild card entry. None other than K-pop singer Park Min-jun, widely known as Aoora was seen performing to the Hindi song, Wo Kisna Hai. Aoora stated, “Janam se videshi, lekin dil se ek dum desi, aa raha hu mai India ke sabse happening house mein (Born abroad, but with a totally desi heart, I’m coming to the most happening house in India).”

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